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T-Rex B-Day Boy Card



This unique birthday card will make your boy roar with excitement.

  • The bold blues, greens, reds, and whites — all with a neon hue — command attention and make this special birthday card more unique than ever.
  • Not sure you can find an envelope to fit this unruly dinosaur? We have you covered, and we’ll take care of shipping for you while we’re at it.
  • This QR code card allows you to upload your own video so that your dinosaur-loving boy can see your smiling face when he opens the card.
Not every unique birthday card takes 83 million years to create, but then again — not every special birthday card has a wickedly awesome T-Rex on it! Barnum Brown discovered the first T-Rex fossil in 1902 — could he have foreseen how incredibly cool his discovery would become? Thank you, Barnum Brown, for your efforts in making this the most unique birthday card a b-day boy could ask for! Simply upload your own video to the QR code inside, and watch your boy have a terrifyingly good time. Shop with Say More Cards today.
  • INSIDE: Blank
  • 5” x 7”
  • Envelope included
  • Shipping included

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