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Best in the World Mother's Day Card


A unique Mother’s Day card for a uniquely wonderful mom.

  • The pastel watercolors on this QR code card are just as special as your mother, and the QR-code globe inside continues this motif for a gentle, soothing look.
  • Take finding an envelope or paying for shipping off your to-do list — we’ll take care of both for you!
  • Is your mom really the best mom in the world? Prove it by uploading a video to the QR code that details all the reasons she is!
Everyone’s mother is the best mom out there, and that’s just part of the magic of being a mom! The watercolor pastel colors on this unique Mother’s Day card are specially designed to look beautiful, but the really special part of this card is the QR code inside. Simply upload your video to give Mom a present she’ll cherish for years to come. Shop with Say More Cards today for unique Mother’s Day cards and QR code cards you both will love.
  • FRONT: Thank you mom for being the best mother in the world
  • INSIDE: Blank
  • 5” x 7”
  • Envelope included
  • Shipping included

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