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When you send a customer appreciation card to your clients, you’ll make them feel valued while also increasing your future business. Say More Cards makes it easier than ever before

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Customer appreciation cards should do just that — help your customers feel valued and appreciated. Say More Cards helps make this a reality for business owners by designing customizable, unique, and original customer appreciation business cards that your customers will truly love. Our personalized video greeting cards help put your face and business in the hands of your customers, where they’ll then help drive further sales and conversions for your business. Order video cards from us today to see the difference a truly personalized mailer can make.

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Using your cell phone camera or QR code app, scan the Say More Code located in the card.

Record or select a personalized video message for your client.

Upload your video to the Say More Code.

Mail or deliver the card to your client.

Your client scans the Say More Code to watch the personalized video message you created.

When it comes to marketing in 2019, we understand that automation is necessary. However, that human connection is often lacking — and clients miss it. Customer appreciation cards from Say More Cards will help you bring back that personal touch. In each thank you business card, you can include a personalized video message and expect the following benefits:

  • Increased customer loyalty from connecting with your customers in a personal, unique way
  • Improved brand recognition through a custom appreciation card complete with your business branding
  • Stronger, more effective CTAs because clients will be more likely to respond to your invitation to offer a referral, leave a review, like a page, or more
  • Increased customer satisfaction because your customers will feel valued in the hectic world of modern marketing

Your New Customer Appreciation Cards

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Shop with Say More Cards today for business thank you cards (individually or in bulk) that show your customers how much you care about them and appreciate their business.

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